We take great care from the initial stage, i.e. from purchasing and processing of guar gum seeds to packaging of finished product to ensure the delivery of good grade guar gum powder that is free from impurities.

We pack and preserve the guar gum powder in bags which are carefully stacked and warehoused in a separate facility for storage before they are shipped out. Our packaging processes are designed in a way as if every bag is to be exported overseas, which in turn helps us to deliver and ship premier grade guar gum powder. We look upon every consignment as foreign export order; and stuff and seal guar gum powder in moisture-proof packaging bags assuming they will be in transit for an approx. of 20 to 45 days and will have to bear different climatic conditions, before their receipt by our client in superior grade.

We also mark every bag with Lot Number, Batch Number, Manufacturing and Expiry Date, etc.

You can check the details of our packing.

Container Stuffing and Shipment:
Capacity of each Bag Product Description 1×20′ FCL (Palletized) 1×20′ FCL (no Pallets)
25Kg Net Brown multiwall 4 ply paper bag inside liner or in brown Hdpe laminated paper bag with insider liner 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
25Kg Net White multiwall single ply paper bag with inside liner or in white hdpe laminated paper bag with inside liner. 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
50Kg Net White/ brown hdpe laminated paper bag with inside Liner/standard packing 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
500Kg Net Jumbo Bag (Hdpe Woven Bag) 18 M/tons 20 M / tons
600Kg Net Jumbo Bag (Hdpe Woven Bag) 19 M/tons 19 M/ tons
1000Kg Net Jumbo Bag (Hdpe Woven Bag) 19.400 M/tons 20 M/ tons

We also accept specific requests of buyers to avail different packing depending on order and other important factors.

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